WillowClan cats are muscular and strong. If they don't like something, they just plain to don't like it.



Canyonstar - A handsome golden tom with black paws and tail and orange eyes.


Darkshine - A dark she cat with blue eyes and long claws.

Medicine Cat:

Rowanfang - A red tom with grey marbled stripes and orange eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Foxflower- A dark ginger she-cat witha white chest, black paws, and sky blue eyes.


Pineflight - A handsome tom with a golden pelt and green eyes.

Sunglow - A marbled tabby with a bright coloured pelt and blue eyes.

Lionflower - Pretty golden she cat with light green eyes.

Nightwing - Dark grey she cat with dark amber eyes.

Larkwing - A pretty cream coloured she cat with green eyes and white mollted spots.

Foxclaw- Pretty orange-redish she-cat with black paws and ears. Suspected to be Foxfire's twin sister.

Emberwater - Handsome orange tom with blue eyes.

Shadowmask - Pretty she cat with a grey pelt and a dark grey strip running down her back and across her eyes.

Cloudflight - Grey/white tom with dark blue eyes.

Nightsky - Pretty dark she cat with blue eyes with white paws.

Skyclaw- A tan tom with amber eyes, a white chest and white paws.


Whitepaw - White she cat with green eyes.

Frostpaw - White time with blue eyes.

Snowpaw - White tom with orange eyes.

Sandypaw - Sand-colored She-cat with blue eyes

Fuzzypaw- white she-cat with silver tabby patches, one blue eye and one green and fuzzy fur

Queens and Kits:

Sootspots - Dark orange she cat wuth black stripes and pale brown eyes.

Petalwhisper - A grey she-cat with white spots and light green eyes.

(kits: Fallowkit - Brown she-cat with light green eyes and soft grey spots, Rainkit - Grey tom with blue eyes.)


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