Affiliation: Gazeclan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Warrior
Family: Mother: Blue-eyes

Father: Vallyreed

Sister: Ragkit

Mate(s): Uggs (formally)

Kits: Leafmoon, Creampet, Lovekit & Yarrowkit

Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentices: None
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: User:Cinderstorm
Waterdapple is a dark-gray she cat with light blue eyes, and a white tail-tip.
  • She is a beautiful she-cat who stole all of the tom's hearts.
  • She had kits only as an apprentice, so she was banned from BreezeClan, and her kits were killed.

Waterdapple was born to her mother Blue-eyes in BreezeClan. Her mother and father loved her very much, but sadly her father was killed in a battle with WillowClan, and her mother ran off to be a kittypet when she heard the news. Waterdapple was confused, but she soon realized she was on her own, so she wanted a mate to keep her company. At this time she was only an apprentice, so having a mate was against the Warrior Code, but Waterdapple didn’t care. She felt too alone. All the male cats in the clan wanted to be her mate, but she took a kittypet mate instead of a BreezeClan warrior. Waterdapple was still an apprentice when she had her kits, so she was banned from BreezeClan, her kits were killed, and she never saw her kitty-pet mate Uggs again. Then Shine-ear found her limping around the GazeClan border, and then he took her to the leader, Moonstar and she said Waterdapple could stay. As soon as Waterdapple was settled into GazeClan.

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