Vacation Days

Every User who will be inactive for more than 3 Days must sign in here!

Status: Active

How to Sign In for Vacation DaysEdit

Hello! Use these simple steps to Sign In for Vacation Days:

1. On the top left corner of the page press the "Edit" button. 2. Find your User Name in the column below.

3. Fill in "Dates Gone" (Example: 3/20/12 – 3/30/12).

4. Fill in "Reason" (Example: Going to place).

5. Lastly enter your signature! (~ ~ ~ ~(No Spaces)).

6. Then press "Edit" again.

7. Voliá! You're done.

8. Whenever you going to be inactive just repeat Steps 1-7 again!

If Your User Name is Not in the Columns...Edit

If your user name is not in the columns and you would like to be added, please ask Dappleheart to ask add you.

User Dates Gone Reason Signature
Dappleheart 4/12/12 - 4/24/12 Barcelona, Spain! Dapple

heart 02:00, April 5, 2012 (UTC)

Moonstrike 3/21/12-4/4/12 Over seas's school field trip. Storm is ComingMoonstrikeThe moon is shining


None None None
Cinderstorm Camp, then family vacation. Little-Cin-Cin<3
Moonshine None None. None


None None None


None None None


None None None


4/20/12-4/29/12 Family Emergency Moonbird


None None None


None None None


None None None


None None None
Tigerfur None None None
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