Streamrock is a gathering place where Clan cats meet with their ancient ancestors of SpiritClan.

Apperance: Streamrock is a small stream that runs on the outskirts of the hills, a equal dustance for all clan cats to travel. The stream is known in apperance for lots of pebbles in the stream and the clear, cold water. In order to contact SpiritClan, you must jump to the tree rock and touch your nose in the small tree growing in the middle of the ginormus rock. SpiritClan ancestors will sence your arrive but the scrape of your claws against the stone appon jumping. They will be waiting for you, knowing.

Contacting SpritClan ancestors: Contating the anscestores is only valid at night. Whom ever with to contact SpiritClan drink from the water before dreaming.

Traveling: Clan cats travel freely through other territories, and my not hunt nor eat. If you are cuaght in anothers Clans patroll sooth them of their worries by telling them your destination. The cats must allow you throught they're territories.

Leader Ceremonies: Deputies on their way to recieve their nine lives may not eat or drink anything. They must travel to the Streamrock as soon as they can. Once at Streamrock, they wait untill the moon is at its highest. Then when the SpiritClan cats make their entrance, deputies will recieve their nine lives be deceased loved ones. They hail you by your new name, which take sthe sufix, 'star' in it. Symbolizing your leadership.