Affiliation: MoonClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Senior Warrior
Family: Mother: Unnamed

Brother: Clawbreeze

Mentor(s): Dapplestar
Apprentices: Owlear
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: None

Stormtail is a tabby she-cat with white paws, a dark grey tail, green eyes and pink ears. She is a warrior of MoonClan.

Facts about Stormtail

  • Her father might be Canyonstar of WillowClan.
  • Her mother ran away to become a kittypet as did her brother, Clawbreeze.
  • Stormpaw became a warrior just after 5 moons, she proved herself when she beat Ivystar in battle.

Stormpaw was in battle with BreezeClan... She was fighting an apprentice tom and beat him. She saw Ivystar, creeping up on Dapplestar, so she attacked her and pushed her away, into a new tussle with other cats. They beat BreezeClan and every gathering she looks at the lone scar in her underbelly. In a gathering, Stormpaw heard cats talking about how Ivystar was defeated by a MoonClan apprentice. Her eyes shone with pride but a look up respect and defeat loomed in her gaze. She knew that if there was another fight between the Clans, Ivystar would go for her. She was scared. Moons passed and Stormtail went on with life. But suddenly, there was a BreezeClan ambush. As predicted many moons back, Ivystar aimed herself straight for Stormstripe. But Stormstripe was prepared, after a nasty tussle, it looked as if Ivystar was about to get her honor back when Stormstripe gave it her all. She leaped forward and knocked Ivystar all the way into the woods, calling the second defeat of BreezeClan.

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