Stoneclaw Tweaked
Affiliation: GazeClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Warrior
Family: Father: Russetfoot

Mother: Sandtail

Brother: Sootfoot

Mate: Dappleheart

Mentor(s): Mouseear
Apprentices: Bluepaw
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: None

Stoneclaw is a tom with a gray, spotted coat with blue eyes. He is a noble warrior of GazeClan, his mate is GazeClan's deputy Dappleheart. He is currently mentoring Bluepaw.

Facts About Stoneclaw:

  • He was very helpful as a kit.
  • He loved competing with Dappleheart.
  • He hopes Dappleheart will have kits some day.

Stoneclaw was born to his mother Sandtail, in GazeClan with his brother Sootfoot. Sootfoot was a very quiet kit, unlike Stoneclaw who was already helping the warriors out, and picking ticks off of the elder’s backs. When his mate Dappleheart was a kit, she always looked up to Stoneclaw because he was always helping out even at a young age. Then when Dappleheart and Stoneclaw were made apprentices, they would always have competitions at things like hunting and running when Dappleheart realized she loved him. When Stoneclaw was made a warrior, he and Dappleheart immediately became mates, but Dappleheart was named deputy and they hadn’t had a chance to have kits yet. After that, Stoneclaw got his first apprentice and is currently mentoring her now; her name is Bluepaw.

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