Affiliation: Gazeclan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Elder
Family: Apprentices: Wormheart, Crookedclaw

Mate: Berryleaf

Kits: Dappleheart, Stormclaw,Flamefur, Leafclaw

Mentor(s): Mentor: Stoutshine (Deceased)
Apprentices: Waterdapple
Status: Alvie
Roleplayed By: User:Cinderstorm

Shine-ear is a redish-orange tom with dark, green, shiney eyes.

  • Shine-ear found a poor WillowClan she-cat on his boarder as a young warrior.
  • She later decided to join the clan.
  • His mate is Berryleaf.
  • They had four kits: Dappleheart, Stormclaw, Leafclaw, and Flamefur.

When Shine-ear was made a warrior, he found a former WillowClan she-cat named Waterdapple, and took her to the GazeClan leader, Moonstar, and she said that Waterdapple could stay in GazeClan. Moonstar made Shine-ear mentor Waterdapple until she was in good health again. Shine-ear fell in love with Berryleaf, and they later had four kits. Berryleaf died in battle against MoonClan and GazeClan. Then Shine-ear moved into the Elder's Den because he was getting to old to fight in battles.

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