Shadeheart is a orange tom with blue-green eyes. He is deputy of BreezeClan.

Affiliation: Breezeclan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Deputy
Family: Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Mate: Lovedapple

Kit(s): Kinkpaw, Mossypaw

Mentor(s): Bearclaw
Apprentices: Kinkpaw
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: Cinderstorm
Facts about Shadeheart:
  • He is very polite, that is why Dapplepelt loves him.
  • He does like his kits, its just the fact that he does not have very time for them.
  • Ivystar is one of his best freinds in the Clan.
  • His mate is Dapplepelt, and they are madly in love.

When Shadeheart was born, and was named Shadekit the former deputy saw an omen in his dream telling him to "Look into the shady hearts of your clanmates to find whats right." He just had a strange feeling that the omen was about Shadeheart. As an apprentice, Shadeheart was very fast and was a great hunter. He always admired the way Dapplepelt's pelt swayed in the wind, but it never came to thought that they would become mates. When he found out that Dapplepelt liked him, he instantly asked her to be his mate and now they have two kits that are apprentices.