Affiliation: GazeClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Warrior
Family: Mate(s): Unnamed toms in Gaze and WillowClan

Kits(s): Moonstar Dappleheart (unofficial)

Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentices: None
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: None
Sandshadow is an elder of GazeClan. She has grey fur and a yellow ear along with yellow eyes.*She was born as Yellowkit, but her name was changed because her father had a dream that a evil cat named Yellowheart would attack the clan.

She had two mates, one GazeClan, one WillowClan Her GazeClan kit is Moonstar. When Sandpaw was an apprentice, she trained day and night. She only alloud herself 3 hours of sleep! Finally, she collapsed during training. Her GazeClan mate, Nettlethorn, (desceased) carried her to Sundapples den, where they both fell in love. They loved eachother with all of their hearts. But he died of greencough. Later, she was intriged by another tom. A tom in WillowClan.