• Users under the age of 13 are violating COPPA, and are NOT allowed onto the COTS chatrooms (including the IRC Channel)
  • Don't spam
  • Don't delete pages that you are NOT supposed to
  • Don't make useless pages that isn't even based on the Wiki
  • Don't ruin anyones work
  • Don't cuss or call people names
  • You can role-play on chat only when admins say it's alright
  • Don't upload Warriors Wiki chararts on to this charart or you will be blocked
  • In the chats and messages, please use PROPER spelling and grammar. A few mistakes are okay but if you keep continuously misspelling words on purpose, then you it can result in kickban. You get 3 warnings.
  • Please do not use any images or chararts from Warriors Wikia. You can get into serious trouble.
  • When editing character pages, make sure there is proper grammar, spelling, and tagging! If you continuely do this, you will be banned from making pages until you learned proper grammar, spelling, and tagging!
  • Do NOT use COTS coding ANYWHERE but COTS. If a COTS member or an Admin catches you, you will be in serious trouble.
  • The COTS Charart Blanks are ONLY for COTS Do not use outside this Wikia. If caught, you will be banned.
  • If you decide to leave COTS, all your Chararts and Pages will remain here. You cannot take them unless ask for permission from an Admin.
  • You can post your Chararts on the COTS deviantART group page and ONLY that page. No other site.
  • All Users who wish be known as Active, must be on COTS once a day, everyday and make at least one contributive edit towards COTS.

All the staff will be looking out for this stuff. We will NOT tolerate people disobeying these rules. We will not just let it go if you break any of these rules. If you see someone breaking these rules and none of the staff know, tell one of us on our talk pages or as soon as you can. Thank You.

COTS Admins:

Dappleheart, Moonstrike, & Cinderstorm

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