Affiliation: BreezeClan
Past Affiliations: Kittypet
Rank: Elder
Family: Father: Bearclaw

Mate: Fireshade

Kits: Dawnwillow

Mentor(s): Bearclaw
Apprentices: Grouchyheart
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: Cinderstorm
Rocktail is a very dark gray tom with bright blue eyes. He is a warrior of BreezeClan.

Facts About Rocktail:

  • He was born as a kittypet.
  • He was welcomed to the clan by Ivystar
  • He fell in love with Fireshade, but she was mooning over a tom named Hollowfur, but then he died and Fireshade began to love him.
  • He is one of the oldest cats in BreezeClan.

Rocktail was born in a barn-yard with lots of mice, and a pond to drink water from. He was living a perfect kittypet life until one day, his mother was took to an animal shelter by twolegs. Rocktail didn't want to live alone so he joined BreezeClan. Then he had a crush on a warrior named Fireshade, but she was mooning over the deputy Hollowfur. Hollowfur died, then Rocktail decided to make his move and ask Fireshade to be his mate. She said yes, then they had kits and are growing old together in BreezeClan.