Oakleaf Oakleaf is warrior of GazeClan. He is a tom with golden eyes, brown pelt, black paws, and a white spot on his

Affiliation: GazeClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Warrior
Family: Mother: Snowfeather
Mentor(s): Unnamed
Apprentices: Silverpaw
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: None
  • He has the same prefix name as Oakwhisper, Moonstrikes kits.
  • He has a reputation of being soft.
  • He has 6 siblings.

When Oakpaw was an apprentice, he began with a mock battle with the other apprentices. He was scared because he was new and it was his first day. As it was his turn. He was shacking in fear. He ran away and kept running. Finally he stopped and he hid. Once his mentor found him, he explained to Oakpaw that none of the other apprentices had ever battle trained either. Feeling confident, he came back with his mentor and trained with the other apprentices. He was eating up the compliments but once he did something wrong, he got sad and kept his head down. On his first day of hunting, he was nervous. He caught a vole and squirrel perfectly. But once he new that his mentor was watching him, he failed to catch 4 mice. Sad, he kept his head down and ran off into the woods again. Once his mentor found him he tried to get Oakpaw to talk but he just ran back to the camp, sad and depressed. He watched sadly as the other apprentices stood and watched the elders eyes shine, eating their fat, juicey prey. But all Oakpaw got was a couple of scrawny mice. He just slept untill his mentor woke him up for training the next day. Since it was such a pretty day, Oakpaw felt nice and refreshed. They had their assesments. Oakpaw was swallowed with worry. As the assessment went on, Oakpaw heard the crunches of his mentor and Dappleheart watching him. Sick with worry, he missed 5 mice and 3 voles! After he saw the tip of his mentors tails, he finally said "I just cant do it!" and ran off into the woods. As he stopped, yowled in dismay, and ran back, he heard a screech of cats. Invasion! He turned and saw WillowClan and GazeClan cats fighting. He leaped into the fight, and took down 8 warriors! The battle was won because of him. His mentor congradulated him.