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Leader/Founder: Dappleheart

Deputy/Co-Founder: Moonstrike

Senior Warriors: Ivyheart, & Cinderstorm

Warriors: Foxclaw & Fallowpounce

Apprentices: Creampelt, Pricklestar, Moonshine & Moonbird

Kits: Stoneclaw,Perrystar, Tigerfur, Spottedstar & Jasminepetal

Elders(Inactive Users): None

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New Users!

New Users who wish to join Cats of the Stars must be ACTIVE. Please that's all we ask! If you're not active we will move you down to an Elder. Make sure you read the Rules when joining Cats of the Stars. Any questions feel free to ask an Admin

Inactive Users

Inactive Users are Users who are no longer active on the Wiki. They become inactive when they have not been on the Wiki for more than 3 weeks. If you wish to be known as Active please leave a comment below or message one of the Admins

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