Affiliation: MoonClan
Past Affiliations: Uknown
Rank: Deputy
Family: Father: Uknown

Mother: Unknown

Mate: Dapplestar

Mentor(s): Moonstar
Apprentices: Dustpaw
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: None
Lionheart is the current deputy of MoonClan. He is also Dapplestar's mate. Lionheart is a tom with a golden pelt with gold flecks and yellow paws. He has green eyes. His mother and father are unknown. He was found near the border of MoonClan when he was just a kit. Moonstar took him in. Moonstar took a special interest in him and mentored him. He is a noble warrior.

Facts about Lionheart

  • Lionheart is Dapplestars mate.
  • He understands the dog words, 'pack', 'kill', 'find' and 'hunt'.

When Lionheart saved Dapplestar from Ivystar in a Clan to Clan clash, he relized that he loved her. He loved her because she would die for her clanmates, and she was smart. She new the best spots for prey and the most powerful weakpoints in a warrior. Her eyes sparkled with every speach. He loved her. He confessed accidentally, in a dream. He was taking a nap in the woods and Dapplestar was on a solo hunt when she heard Lionheart give his whole love confession to Dapplestar in his dreams! He woke up and Dapplestar sweetly licked his cheeck and told him she loved him. He quickly said he did to, and jumped up and down in joy!