Affiliation: MoonClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Warrior
Family: Father: Moonstar

Mother: Splashtail

Mate: Blacktail

Kit(s): Expecting

Mentor(s): Thornfoot
Apprentices: Diamondpaw
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: None

Icefur is the daughter of Moonstar and Splashtail. Her mentor was Thornfoot. Icefur is a she-cat with a long ice-blue coat with dark blue flecks along her body with blue eyes. Both her mother and father died in the horrible battle between MoonClan and WillowClan. Leaving Icefur alone. She later found a mate in Blacktail. She is expecting kits soon.

Facts about Icefur

  • She is the only cat in MoonClan to have a bright coloured pelt.
  • Her mentor was Thornfoot.
  • She is expecting kits in a few moons
  • She wants to name one of her kits Eaglekit, hoping she/he'll be as ferocious as Blacktail.
  • She only likes mice and voles.

When Icefur was hunting, she heard Thornfoot talking with someone. To see who it was she quietly crept through the undergrowth. As she was looking, she saw Thornfoot talking with a pretty GazeClan she-cat. She had grey fur with a yellow ear and eyes. Taken by surprise, she leaped out of her hiding place and hissed. Sandshadow growled but was sent away onto her own territory by a panicked look on Thornfoot. She just hissed and ran away. As Thornfoot caught up to her, he explained that she could'nt tell anyone. Not even her mate, Blacktail. She understood the situation: Thornfoot was in love with a GazeClan cat. She promised she wouldn't tell but when she found out Sandshadow was having another round of kits, she began to get suspicious.