GazeClan cats are swift and wise. They love swimming but they don't have thick fur. They live on a hill were it's filled with trees and very hot. Despite the trees, it rains normally in GazeClan camp. They love to bask in the sun and play with their Clan mates. GazeClans current leader is Moonstar and their deputy is Dappleheart. GazeClan has strong connections with SpiritClan and let their pride wash them away sometimes. GazeClan's main food are fish, mice, voles and birds. They have comfortable moss coated with feathers for bedding. They decorate their dens with shells, leaves and feathers to make it look creative and nice.



Moonstar - A pretty she-cat with a black coulured pelt with white, orange & black spots, she also has blue marking on her face


Dappleheart - A pretty dappled she-cat with green eyes

Medicine Cat:

Sundapple - A she-cat with an orange dappled coat with amber eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Icespots - A cream colored tom with white spots & green eyes.


Clawheart- A grey blue tom with scars that are hidden underneath his fur.

Flamestripe - A white colored tom with a long flame striped running down his back

Feathershade - A grey colored she-cat with yellow eyes

Brackenheart - A brown tom with stripes & brown eyes

Sunsplash - A golden tom with green eyes & black dots around his torso

Waterdapple - A pretty she-cat with a grey pelt & blue eyes

Oakleaf - A brown colored tom with golden eyes & a white spot on his torso

Yellowbird - A dark grey she-cat with yellow eyes.

Tigerstripe - A brown tom with four black stripes.

Featherdance-Gray she-cat with black stripes and orange eyes.

Foxfire - A orange-red she-cat with ice blue eyes, black paws, ears, chest, muzzle, & tail.

Stoneclaw - A tom with a grey, spotted coat with blue eyes.

Snowfeather - A white she cat with a grey paw and green eyes.

Eaglefur - Brown tom with whie paws and blue eyes and a splash of white on his side.


Bluepaw - A she-cat with a light blue pelt with ice blue eyes.

Streampaw - Pinkish she-cat with yellow eyes.

Silverpaw - A silver she-cat with blue eyes & stripes.

Firepaw - A flame coloured she-cat with green eyes & a black underbelly & paws.

Queens & Kits:

Skykit - A black tom with blue eyes & a fluffy tail.

Wavekit - A stone grey tom with blue spots & grey eyes with abnormally large pupils


Shine-ear - Redish brown tom with shiney green eyes.

Mousetail - A brown coloured she-cat with green eyes & a black tail tip.

Tanglepelt - A brown coloured tom with orange, white & black spots with yellow eyes.

Spottedpath - A black she-cat with orange splotches & green eyes.

Thornstorm - A dark grey tom with a stone coloured paw & green eyes.

Sandshadow - A grey coloured she-cat with a yellow ear & eyes.


Moonstrike & Dappleheart