Foxflower Foxflower is a dark ginger she-cat with a white chest, black paws and sky blue eyes. She is the medicine cat apprentice for WillowClan.

Affiliation: WillowClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Family: Mother: Blueflame


Mentor(s): Rowanfang
Apprentices: None
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: User:Icewish

Facts about Foxflower

  • Foxkit was born to Blueflame (Mother) and Redwave (Father).
  • She had always wanted to be a medicine cat ever sence she was young.
  • She became the medicine cat apprentice in WillowClan.

Foxflower was born under a beautiful Willow tree right by the border of MoonClan. She was a fascinating kit, intersted in herbs at one time, then warrior skills the next. Once she even snuck out of WillowClan camp to go see how the other Clans were! She crept intp Dapplestar's den in MoonClan and pounced on her playfully. Suprised,Dapplestar jumped up. But when she saw it was a kit, she wrapped her tail around her and talked to her about nursery tales. In the morning, she crept out of camp and returned Foxkit to her mother. The Clan thanked her but Dapplestar just replied with a flick of her tail as she left. Foxkit preteneded it was a big adventure that SpiritClan had prophesized for her.