Diamondpaw is a new apprentice of MoonClan. She is a very light silver with dark green eyes. She has a brother named Frogpaw.

Facts about Diamondpaw:

  • Her father was killed saving her in a battle
  • She doesn't know if she wants a mate or not.
  • Her mother and father love her, but think she can do better as a warrior.
Affiliation: MoonClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Family: Mother: Kestrelheart

Father: Tanglestraw (Dead)

Brother: Frogpaw

Half Brother: Mudpelt

Mentor(s): Spottyshine
Apprentices: None
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: Cinderstorm

When Diamondpaw became a medicine cat apprentice, she was swallowed by grief for her father, who died saving her in battle. She became a medicine cat apprentice because she never wanted to kill anyone ever again. She talks frequently with Spottyshine. As she talked with Spottyshine, she discovered that she and Spottyshine were really alike. Diamondpaw hopes her medicine cat name will be Diamondshine, because she and Spottyshine have such a close bond.