Affiliation: BreezeClan
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Warrior
Family: Mate: Shadeheart

Kit(s): Mossypaw, Kinkpaw

Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentices: Plumpaw
Status: Living
Roleplayed By: None
Dapplepelt is a reddish-orange she cat with green eyes. She is a warrior of BreezeClan.

Facts About Dapplepelt:

  • She is sweet and charming.
  • Dapplepelt's mate is BreezeClan's deputy; Shadeheart.
  • She spends most of her time as a queen.

Dapplepelt is a very nice, happy and sweet warrior. She loves her mate and kits, and always congradulates them when they do somthing good. Dapplepelt doesn't like fighting, so she spends most of her time as a queen. But right now she is mentoring Plumpaw and is doing a very good job at it so she is considering asking Ivystar if she can mentor other cats when Plumpaw becomes a warrior.