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Create Your Own Cats And Clans!

Creating Your Own Cats

  1. Click 'Create New Page' on the top of the 'Home' Screen. Select the normal layout, not the 'Blank' one. Then you create a charart and upload it to your new page. (Keep in mind if it is NOT a picture of a charart, or anything that has to do with Warrior Cats, it will be deleted without warning.)
  2. Once you have uploaded your charart you create a short story about an exciting time in your cats life. Something that is worth writing about. And dont make it corney, for example: Petalpaw gazed up at her clan leader. Foxstar looked at her and said "Your father, Rainscar, died bravely." Ok? Corny. Corny= no no.
  3. Edit your grammar and don't make yourself look like an idiot, proof read. Once you are done creating you cat, it's time to add him to a clan.
  4. Go to the specific Clan you want to add your cat to. (Keep tabs open, so you don't have to go back and fourth.) The go back to your cat click on the main search bar. (The one that says Once it is highlighted in blue, copy the words onto "Warriors" section of the Clan page. Then once that is done it'll look something like this: Claw face is a cat with a desciption I dont want to type right now.

5. Publish it.6. The click edit again and delete the worthless parts in the Copy and Pasted until there is only the cat's name in the color blue. You are done creating and uploading your cat to the clan. There is NO button,OK!!

Creating your own Clan

  1. Create a new page and lable it with your Clan's name.
  2. Add a 'Leader: ____' then do the same thing for Medicine Cat(s),Warriors,Apprentices,Elders, Queens.
  3. Create new pages and chararts for the cats, to build your clan.
  4. Don't be a stupid, and don't create it then not add any cats, creating a Clan must be approved by an admin before you actually create it.
  5. Once it's approve get to work on creating new chararts and cat pages. It takes along time to build a clan.


If you need help, you can't understand this page, contact an Admin Dappleheart, Moonstrike, or Ivyheart for additional help.

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