Affiliation: SpiritClan
Past Affiliations: MoonClan, Breezeclan
Rank: Warrior
Family: Mother: Smallheart

Father: Snake-eye Kits: Rocktail

Mentor(s): Malletheart
Apprentices: None
Status: Dead
Roleplayed By: Cinderstorm
Bearclaw is a black tom with a white spot around his nose, and has soft green eyes.

Facts About Bearclaw:

  • He died in a battle with MoonClan
  • He was always willing to take risks for his clan.
  • He had Rocktail with a kitty-pet named Snoopy.
  • He loved his kit Rocktail and wishes he didn't have to leave him.
  • He used to live in MoonClan, but then his mother & father died and he ran away to BreezeClan.

Bearclaw had a sad beginning of his life. Four days after he was born, there was a battle with GazeClan and his mother and father died in it. The only reason his mother had fought in the battle was because she hadn't been in a battle for a long time. All of the cats in MoonClan tried to comfort him, but it didn't help. So he ran away to start a new life in BreezeClan. Most cats in BreezeClan love having kits around, so Bearclaw felt very welcomed. Later he got a kitty-pet mate and had one kit named Rocktail. Then there was a big battle with MoonClan, and Bearclaw was killed by one of his old clan-mates.

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